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What Is a Skinny Tumbler and What It Holds?

by Marguerite

There are endless synonyms to describe a utensil. For instance, coffee mugs, skinny tumblers, travel mugs, etc., all signify a thing that holds liquids. However, the story isn’t that simple.

All these have some differences, and one needs to know them. (Why?) Because understanding the differences will help you decide which one of these you need. Nowadays, skinny tumblers are becoming increasingly popular. But why are they so famous when there already were other options present?

That is what the article below explains. Ultimately, you will be knowledgeable enough to decide whether you want skinny tumblerss or some other liquid containers.

What Is a Skinny Tumbler?

A skinny tumbler is a vacuum-insulated double-walled container. Some tumblers have straight sides, while others have tapered ones. Skinny tumblers can hold up to 20 to 40 oz of cold and hot liquids. Moreover, some stainless-steel skinny tumblers also come with a reusable metallic straw.

There are different shapes of tumblers. Some have straight walls, while others have slightly tapered ones (the top is usually wider than the base). Therefore, manufacturers named thin tumblers with straight walls “skinny tumblers,” meaning they are slimmer than other variants.

How To Tell Apart a Skinny Tumbler from A Travel Mug?

Travel mugs and skinny tumblers have visible differences because they appear different! However, there are some others as well. For instance, a skinny tumbler does not have an inbuilt handle. In contrast, a travel mug has a handle on the lid for portability and access. Some skinny tumblers are available with slide-on handles for converting them into travel mugs.

Next, there is the shape. Skinny tumblers get their name from their tall and slim exterior. In comparison, a travel mug is short. Moreover, some models also include straws and stirrers. However, a travel mug lacks all of them.

Skinny tumblers feature snap-on lids, while travel mugs have leak-proof screw-on lids. Lastly comes the size. Usually, travel mugs can hold about 12 to 16 ounces of liquids. However, skinny tumblers offer more liquid capacity, like 20, 30, and 40 oz.

What Can a Skinny Tumbler Hold?

Since skinny tumblers have vacuum-insulated double walls, they help maintain the temperature of the liquid inside. You can use them to carry cold beverages like smoothies, lemonade, ice tea, cold coffee, juices, etc.

A skinny tumbler is more suitable for cold drinks as the wide mouth allows you to add ice easily. Moreover, they also have straws so you can sip your drink without a mess and enjoy your picnic.

Can A Skinny Tumbler Hold Hot Liquids?

Pouring a hot drink in a tumbler has some complications. For instance, the first thing is to see if you have a plastic or a stainless-steel tumbler. Plastics used in liquid-holding containers usually have low melting points. If you put hot liquids in them, they can distort or leak.

In contrast, a skinny stainless-steel tumbler has more endurance and can hold coffee. However, it will not be much comfortable to drink from. Tumblers have a wider mouth which is more fit for adding ice than drinking hot liquids.

The Bottom Line

Skinny tumblers are doubled-walled vacuum-insulated slim containers that maintain the temperature of the liquid inside. Although they may seem pointless, they have some significant advantages.

Firstly, they are more stylish than traditional travel mugs. Skinny tumblers have a more liquid capacity, like 20 to 40 oz, whereas classic containers like travel mugs can only hold up to 12 to 16 oz of liquid.

Although, skinny tumblers can hold hotter liquids. But it is best to use them for cold beverages as they are designed for them. Adding ice is also easy so you can savor a chilly drink on the go!

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